CALICO BLUE Natural Quartzite Slabs

It’s not just a slab of premium quartzite. It’s a work of art. Calico Blue is a masterpiece of natural stone so jaw-droppingly gorgeous that it looks like it belongs in a museum.

Within it, swirling strata of rich, varied color – from steely blue to white and golden hues – are webbed with delicate veining that defies you to not become utterly captivated by it, and lost within its intricacy. If that’s not enough, Calico Blue is also available as a bookmatch, which doesn’t double its stunning impact so much as multiply it exponentially.

This is not a countertop. This is a showpiece.

Doesn’t it belong in your home?

ATRIUM By Avalon

When you get right down to it, versatility is really the name of the game for premium tile. Heck, “versatile” even has the word “tile” in it. A variety of sizes, colors, and textures gives the designer a big, deep palette with which to work the magic of crafting inviting spaces.

Avalon gets it. You can tell. Their Atrium line is a brilliant tool kit for creating a vast array of uniquely enchanting interiors.

Atrium begins with a softly muted palette of six earthy colors, and then lets you choose between low or high resolution with either a fine grain pattern or a big, chunky one. You can even get the large grain tiles in a bedazzled version with reflective gold flakes added to the pattern. And all are available in a variety of square and rectangular sizes.

This means that you can differentiate walls and floors with tones or textures, create your own mosaic patterns, or just let your inspiration run amok. Atrium was designed for designers, and it shows.

RAVEN By Avalon

It only makes sense. After all, wood is awesome. It’s warm, cozy, and inviting – a classic look that can be adapted to virtually any space, and incorporated into a variety of interior designs, both residential and commercial. It’s just not very durable.

So it’s only “natural” that this natural look would be imitated in durable modern porcelain. And it has been. A lot.

However, Avalon’s Raven may just be the best “wooden” porcelain tiles we’ve seen yet. And that’s saying a lot.

It’s not just the impeccable toning that so convincingly runs the gamut from walnut to white, either. It’s the subtle texture that perfectly matches the grain. It’s legitimately difficult to see it and feel it and not believe it’s real wood.

But it’s okay. You won’t have to tell anyone.


Sorry, Mother Nature, but it might be time to throw in the towel. Italian engineered stone manufacturer Laminam has managed to improve upon natural stone substantially, and the world is taking notice.

For example, look at the exquisite “natural” beauty of Pietra Piasentina Taupe, freshly arrived in Opustone’s showrooms. Examine the granular texture and coloring, and the through-body veining. It’s difficult to believe that it’s engineered stone. Until it performs, that is.

And perform it will. Spectacularly. Laminam is manufactured by a unique process that combines finely ground clay, granite, and feldspar, and then sinters the mix at 1200°C (2200°F) to create an extremely durable surface. Water and stain resistant, resistant to heat, cold, scratching, chipping, and just about everything else, Laminam is a low-to-no-maintenance, next-generation surface that is ready to begin standing the test of time today. Sorry, Mother Nature.

ALLURE By Living Ceramics

It’s decidedly difficult to categorize Living Ceramics’ Allure porcelain wall tile, but you may find the word “hybrid” comes to mind. Especially after you reconcile the textile-like texture with the subtle veining of a marble or granite surface. They seem like disparate elements, but Allure makes them seem like they were made for each other.

The result feels almost sculptural, like art rendered in detailed relief, fit to adorn the walls of spaces both classical and contemporary. Timeless, like Allure itself.

These premium porcelain tiles seem to spark inspiration, daring designers to explore unique combinations of texture, tone, and color to craft unforgettable spaces that, like Allure, defy easy categorization.

ARCOBALENO By Avalon Porcelain

The thin, long porcelain tile strips of Avalon’s Arcobaleno are perfect for patterning, staggering, or stacking, adding even more versatility in creating gorgeous, eye-catching designs. The 2”x15” tiles are crafted to look like wood that has been stained with bold, vibrant colors, giving life to spaces both indoors and out.

In addition to the vivid rainbow of reds, yellows, greens, and blues, Arcobaleno is also available in more modest whites and grays, as well as both beige and black. 20 different colors, all in all. Now that’s a big box of crayons!

And, of course, like all premium porcelain products carried by Opustone that mimic the look and texture of wood, a variety of woodgrain texture patterns keep the tiles from looking anything but stunning and natural. Enjoy!

EOS By Living Ceramics

Natural wood has long been an important part of a designer’s toolbox, a biophilic element that breathes serenity into living spaces. But wood is limited by its lack of durability, especially in areas where moisture is present.

It is rare that a porcelain tile can capture the essence of wood so fully, so perfectly, that one does not even question whether it is real wood. Living Ceramics’ Eos does so splendidly.

Inspired by the expansive forests of northern Canada, Eos perfectly recreates both the look and texture of natural wood. Diverse pieces in a variety of sizes and natural tones defy repetition, bringing the soothing look of wood to spaces where real wood can’t go, both indoors and out.

LANE by Mutina

Our latest artist collaboration, Mutina Lane, comes from Barber & Ogersby and is inspired straight from the quirky colored streets of London. The collection consists of three versions – base, mono, and poly – each introducing its own bold analysis of color.
The glazed porcelain is suitable for both indoor & outdoor settings and is sure to add an interesting allure to any space.

FOLDED by Mutina

Mutina Folded by Raw Edges design studio arrives as a special collection, replicating the effect of folded paper on ceramics. With clay’s ability to be cast into unexpected forms, the resulting texture is elusive and somewhat deceiving.
Artists Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer of Raw Edges were inspired by the repetitive tile patterns of 1950’s & 1960’s Tel Aviv to create a surface that’s delicate, yet durable. This collection captures the old world charm of Israel, solely using the repetitive nature of folded lines.

TIERRAS by Mutina

Mutina Tierras is based on something quite interesting—Mediterranean craft traditions. It works around the concept of sedimentation from which it is born, and the elements of the Western world’s artisan history. It’s produced with an innovative technology that dry processes the ceramic powders, resulting in a solid material identified by a palate of natural, earthly colors. The patterns are carefully crafted to mold a unique design that is sure to delight.

Originally from Spain, the artist, Patricia Urquiola, has resided in Milan for over two decades. She received her degree in architecture 30 years ago, and has since made a significant impact in the realm of design. Her work has earned her numerous international awards.

ROMBINI by Mutina

Our latest collection features the work of the two Mutina brothers, Ronan and Erwin Bouroullec. The delightful work features three different ceramic styles, from tiles to mosaics. Outlined in blues, greys, greens, reds, and white, there’s shades to fit any working project. Carré, the first style, is produced on a mold made of tiny little embossing diamonds on a matte surface. It arrives in two distinct forms, Uni, where color is evenly distributed, and Light, where the color is used o underline the white outlines. Losange, the second style, is a double charge porcelain of larger diamonds to make the texture come to life in a new way. Triangle, the third, uses the simple shape to play with lights and shadows on the surface and across the room. It comes in two sized elements, large and small, to cover any room, from wall to wall.


Picking out a new countertop? There’s an up and coming stone you may want to consider, and its perks are pretty amazing. It’s called quartzite, and it’s the hottest thing in the kitchen right now. Pure quartzite is white like marble, but certain impurities lead it to obtain some fascinating patterns and colors. Its incredible beauty and strength do not come without their benefits. True quartzite is highly resistant to etching with acidic foods, like lemons and tomatoes. It’s becoming the only surface some people will ever consider. With five new surfaces to choose from, stop by Opustone sometime and let your imagination run wild.


From its deeply rooted origins during the Han Dynasty in China, to its world class manufacturing in Italy, the creation of porcelain has been influenced by our earth’s most beautiful regions. Noted for its delicate durability, its creation has been sought after for centuries Today, porcelain isn’t just used to make dolls and dinnerware. Its use in the home has grown, as it has impressive perseverance. In fact, some people don’t even know about the strength of porcelain. Many may be surprised to hear that porcelain matches the hardness of natural stone. It comes in styles that can be cut to perfectly mimic the texture of wood, and can be used for flooring, walls, and more. We’ve just received a shipment of three new kinds of porcelain, so if you’re interested in trying something new and exciting, come to Opustone.


The Taj Mahal in India is made entirely out of marble. It’s been used to to make statues and provide flooring since ancient times. Honed or polished, bookmatched or not, marble is one of the most popular materials for design and architecture. It’s good to know what marble is in order to understand how it behaves. It is bright, elegant, and adds character. It’s wonderful to cook on, pleasing to walk on, and sensational to look upon. With five new styles to choose from, Opustone is a leading provider in marble. Stop by sometime and see what our new collection has to offer. Maybe you’ll build the next Taj Mahal.


Limestone is an interesting material. It can be found in nearly every color, depending upon which elements are combined with the minerals in the rock. It’s created by the crushing and accumulation of shells, corals, and other marine life. It’s great for outside projects. Porches, pool decks, pathways in the garden, it’s a durable weather-resistant material. It’s also useful in the bathroom. It will make your shower look charming and feel welcoming. We just received a shipment of Vena Grigio limestone, so if it’s on your mind, stop on by Opustone and check it out along with the rest of our collection in our air-conditioned showrooms.


Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in hot mineral springs around the world. From the Roman Empire to floor of your home, Travertine is quite the popular stone. It can also be used for walls or backsplashes. Its beautifully classic, rustic look will fit in with just about any decor. Not to mention it has a lot of advantages. Believe it or not, it’s actually less slippery when it’s wet, and provides a better grip. Still want to learn more? Stop by Opustone and check out our latest arrival, Casper Gray Leather. Ask all the questions you want, we’ll be happy to answer them.

PARQUET by Avalon

There’s no way to truly explain the beauty of a natural hardwood floor. So it may come as a surprise to learn the floor you’re looking at isn’t wood at all, it’s porcelain. Meticulously designed to mimic the look and feel of a rustic, antique reclaimed wood, but with the extreme durability that comes with being a stone, Avalon Parquet offers the best solution to what would otherwise be constant upkeep and deterioration. Thanks to modern methods, you can keep the look of the old by paving with something even older. With four different styles, you’ll have plenty to choose from when the time comes to bring a new accent to your home.

TAPE by Mutina

“We imagined this collection to seem as if it was made out of rolls of colorful patterns that rest on the raw tiles, creating different settings thanks to the vast number of possible combinations.” – Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay | Raw Edges

The design consists of a first slight, almost imperceptible pattern on the base tile that evokes the chalky effect of the surfaces of the carreaux-ciment, and a range of eight patterns, all in the five shades of the range: white, blue, green, brown and black. Tape is suitable both as floor and as wall tile, for indoor and outdoor use.


Palermo is inspired by the sandstone that is found all over the island of Sicily. It is a sedimentary limestone that is particularly soft, averagely porous and features a variety of different colors ranging from white to pale yellow.

This type of stone has been widely used in a number of Sicilian towns that are world famous for their architectural masterpieces, such as Siracusa, Noto and Modica.

This new collection pays tribute to the Intense and unmistakable character of Sicily, a unique island In which a savage and instinctive relationship with nature meets thousands of years of Richly layered history and hybrid cultures.


Witness the evolution of porcelain with this bold new line of 12MM thick extra-large porcelain slabs imported from Italy. Laminam slabs are backed with bonded fiberglass for the ultimate in strength and durability, allowing for slabs with the largest surface area in the world.

When you consider the variety of beautiful styles that are available, realistically emulating the looks of concrete, weathered metals and fine marbles, it’s easy to see why Laminam is considered the best porcelain surface on the market.

  • Stain proof, ideal for use indoors and out.
  • Durable and strong, yet easy to cut and work with.
  • 12mm thick, with polished, soft touch and natural finishes.